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A Memorable Team-Building Journey to Lijiang and Dali

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-05      Origin: Site

Anhui Royal Chemical Co. recently organized a special five-day team trip to the beautiful areas of Lijiang and Dali in Yunnan Province. From November 30th to December 4th, more than thirty staff members and their family members joined in an adventure that strengthened team bonds.

The journey started with the team arriving at Lijiang's Airport, followed by various team activities surrounded by Yunnan's stunning nature. Ms. Liu, Admin. Department Manager, shared, "This trip was more than just a break. On this trip, we got to know each other outside of work. It was a chance for us to grow closer and show our dedication to our company's values."

The trip was packed with exciting moments, such as a visit to the impressive Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, enjoying the 'Impression Lijiang' show, and exploring the historic Lijiang Ancient Town. They also visited the peaceful Blue Moon Valley and the historic Dali Ancient Town.

The company believes that trips like this are crucial. They are not just for fun but are important for building a strong team. Such experiences help improve communication, understanding, and support among team members.

The highlights of this trip included the team's climbing challenge on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the sightseeing activities in Lijiang Ancient Town. The company made such trips an annual event to continuously promote team collaboration and the development of the company culture. Below are some photos from this event:




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