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APG / Alkylpolyglycosides

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In 1893, the German chemist Emil Fischer combined fatty alcohols and glucose obtained from coconut or palm kernel oil and corn for the first time, thus creating a new category of substances: the alkylglycosides. It was to take almost one hundred years, however, to progress from simple laboratory experiments to the industrial production of APG surfactants and their use in chemical formulations. In 1989, Cognis, at the time still part of the Henkel Group, succeeded with this breakthrough following costly and complex research and development work.

Due to their great stability in a wide pH range and their unusual flexibility, APG surfactants are used in the most varied formulations – from plant protection products to industrial cleaners for beverage bottles. They create excellent synergies not only when combined with ether sulfates, but also when mixed with many other surfactant classes. 

APG alkyl polyglycoside is a non-ionic surfactant, which is composed of hydrophilic sugar part and hydrophobic fatty alkyl chain. The short to medium alkyl chain long derivatives are water-soluble. APG surfactant shows excellent wettability and surface tension reduction performance, endows electrolyte and hard water resistance, and acts as a water-soluble promoter and dispersant. They are synthesized from renewable materials, have very favorable ecotoxicological characteristics, and are easy to be biodegradable.

Alkyl glucoside is a new type of non-ionic surfactant directly synthesized from natural glucose and natural fatty alcohol in one step. It has the characteristics of both common non-ionic and anionic surfactants, and has high surface activity, good ecological security and solubility. APG can be compounded with any type of surfactant, with obvious synergistic effect. The product has obvious thickening effect, is easy to dilute, has no gel phenomenon, and is easy to use.

* APG0810 has good solubility and compatibility in high concentration strong acids, strong alkalis and electrolytes. It has no corrosion effect on materials and will not stress crack after washing. It is suitable for home cleaning, industrial hard surface cleaning, alkali resistant refining agent for textile industry, oil exploration foaming agent, etc. Because of its good wettability, it can be used as pesticide synergist to improve wettability, spread and enhance pesticide absorption. After wetting and spreading on the plant leaf surface, APG has a certain dissolution and swelling effect on the cuticle of the leaf surface, thereby improving the absorption of drugs.

* APG1214 has mild performance, soft effect on skin, and good compatibility. It is suitable for personal care and household washing: cosmetics such as shampoo, laundry detergent, facial milk, shower gel, transparent soap, laundry detergent and other daily chemical detergents, as well as infant cosmetics. Based on the features of APG1214, such as no rinsing, it is suitable for tableware detergent, hard surface cleaning and other fields.

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