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Acetylene black


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Product Name Acetylene black
Molecular Formula C
Structural Formula 乙炔炭黑

Applied in lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Acetylene carbon black has medium particle size, very high structure, low ash and volatile content, so the resistivity is extremely low. Acetylene carbon black for battery can improve the storage time of battery and prolong its service life. Acetylene carbon black is a lead paste additive for lead batteries, which can form a second phase to separate the lead sulfate crystals and form pore channels inside the electrode plate that are conducive to electrolyte ion migration, so that the plate can absorb more electrolyte and achieve the purpose of regulating the distribution of active substances on the surface and improving the utilization rate of active substances; in addition, acetylene carbon black can also form a conductive network to promote the process of lead deposition In addition, acetylene carbon black can also form a conductive network and promote the process of lead deposition, thus improving the capacity and charge accepting capacity of the battery. Acetylene carbon black is produced by thermal decomposition of acetylene gas in a high-temperature environment. Acetylene carbon black is well used in the field of conductive materials due to its good conductivity and liquid absorption.

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