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CAS NO. 7440-63-3
Product NameXenon
CAS NO.7440-63-3
Molecular FormulaXe
Molecular Weight20.18
Xenon Purity99.9995% min
H20.2ppm max

1ppm max

N22ppm max
CO0.1ppm max
CO20.05ppm max
CH40.05ppm max
Kr0.05ppm max
H2O1ppm max
N2O0.05ppm max
C2F60.1ppm max

It is widely used in electronic and electric light source industry. Compared with the argon filled bulb with the same power, the bulb filled with xenon has the advantages of high luminous rate, small volume, long service life and power saving. Because of its strong fog permeability, it is often used as fog navigation light, which is widely used in airports, stations and docks. After concentrating on the concave surface of xenon lamp, it can generate 2500 ℃ high temperature, which can be used for welding or cutting refractory metals such as titanium and molybdenum. In medicine, xenon is a deep anesthetic without side effects and a contrast agent for X-ray photography.

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