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Glycolic Acid

CAS NO. 79-14-1
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Product Name Glycolic Acid
CAS NO. 79-14-1
Molecular Formula C2H4O3
Structural Formula 79-14-1
Molecular Weight 76.05
Acid Total 70%-72%
Fomic Acid ≤1%
Chloride as Cl ≤1.5%
ROI(Residue on Ignition) ≤0.07%
Diglycolic Acid ≤3%
Appearance Clear to light amber liquid
  1. Chemical Cleaning: Use a 70% glycolic acid solution for cleaning. A mix of 2% glycolic acid and 1% formic acid is a cost-effective cleaner for air conditioning, boilers, and pipelines in power plants.

  2. Biodegradable Materials: These are crucial for creating implantable drug systems, repair devices, surgical sutures, and artificial bones. Polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid are notable materials in this field.

  3. Bactericide: Glycolic acid's unique structure helps form hydrophilic chelates with metal ions, inhibiting harmful bacteria growth. It's useful as a bactericide and in ore flotation processes.

  4. Personal Care Products: A 99% glycolic acid solution helps in exfoliating skin and hair. It's also vital for crafting anti-aging and whitening cosmetics, addressing skin issues like wrinkles and acne.

  5. Electroplating Surface Treatment: Glycolic acid is useful in electroplating. Its salts serve as additive agents for metal pickling, leather dyeing, and tanning preparations. It also enhances electroless nickel plating by offering corrosion resistance and a superior finish.

  6. Additional Applications: In textiles, it's a crosslinking agent for dyeing and finishing. It's also found in adhesives, demulsifiers, welding agents, and coatings, and used for synthesizing various pharmaceuticals and chemical additives.

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