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Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-28      Origin: Site

Bill Gates recently released an open letter about artificial intelligence, with the theme "The Age of AI has begun", and AI is back with a vengeance. Since OpenAI Labs launched ChatGPT last November, it broke 100 million users worldwide in two months, followed by Microsoft's additional investment of billions of dollars. GPT-4 was launched in March this year to achieve even further optimization.

What is GPT? GPT stands for "Generative Pre-training Transformer", which is a language generation model based on the Transformer model, capable of generating high-quality text, such as articles, news, conversations and so on. Gates mentioned three areas where AI can change and should focus on changing, namely productivity, healthcare and education. The optimized GPT-4 not only shows more powerful language understanding, but also recognizes images to answer corresponding questions.

In the medical field, doctors' diagnosis of general diseases, dispensing medication, and taking x-rays for patients will surely be gradually replaced by AI in the future, then doctors can spend more time learning to research more complex medical problems and explore new treatments for diseases. In education, it can provide career planning based on students' comprehension and motivation to learn, and can also replace teachers' repetitive work such as marking papers and designing courses. In the future, AI will replace humans in writing programs, data analysis, advertising, content creation, technical writing, journalism, legal advice and assistance, market research analysis, education, financial analysis, and many other areas.

How can I get answers more effectively? Different ways of asking questions can have very different results. The first step is to set a role for ChatGPT; the second step is to tell ChatGPT what you need; the third step is to tell ChatGPT what you need it to do; and finally, you can add more specific information to ensure that you get a more relevant answer. For example, if you type "I want to lose weight, what should I do", or follow the above steps and type "As a professional fitness trainer and nutritionist, I want to lose weight, my goal is to lose 6KG in a month, you help me specify a detailed weekly plan, including diet planning ", the answer may be surprising.


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