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We are constantly growing and developing, so we provide employees with opportunities for professional growth and progress. We care about our employees and set up mechanisms so that we can not only recognize their talents and career aspirations, but also help them realize them and develop in their respective fields. We encourage our employees to express their opinions, so that we have the opportunity to make reasonable changes and constantly improve the working environment.


We embrace everyone who has a common idea, enthusiasm, innovation, desire for challenges, and is willing to grow up together. We would therefore like to invite you to get to know Royalchem and see how your individuality matches our variety. 

  • Marketing Specialist:

    Job description:

    1.  Responsible for the management, maintenance, update and optimization of the company's website;

    2.  Responsible for the development, maintenance, analysis and optimization of promotion platform and social media;

    3.  Responsible for product related data analysis and market research;

    4.  Responsible for the company's domestic and foreign related exhibition affairs;

    5.  Assist leaders to complete other tasks assigned.


    Job requirements:

    1.  Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, computer or chemical engineering, experience in new media marketing is preferred;

    2.  Fluent English communication and translation skills;

    3.  Strong logical thinking ability, communication ability, keep up with the development trend of computer, network and so on;

    4.  Proactive, good at challenge, able to work independently, good team spirit.

  • Documentary operation:
    Job description
    1. Responsible for import and export business and domestic trade business accounting, document making, contract making, delivery progress tracking, shipping space booking and customs declaration;

    2. Assist the salesman to complete the customer's communication and sample arrangement, including business trip, goods inspection and sampling, and make timely feedback and records;

    3. Be responsible for effective communication with freight forwarders, factories and external institutions, timely understand new policies and regulations, study and analyze the impact on the company's related business;

    4. Cooperate with finance department in tax refund verification, foreign exchange settlement and reconciliation;

    5. Assist the salesman to complete other related work.


    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in international economy and trade or chemical industry, interested in foreign trade, CET-4 or above;

    2. Good communication, execution and customer service skills;

    3. Familiar with office software;

    4. Honest, responsible, proactive, good at challenge, able to work independently.

  • Business Assistant:

    Job description

    1、 Responsible for business contact, quotation and sample arrangement of relevant customers; Timely feedback and handling;

    2、 Assist the salesman to develop customers through various channels, keep collected and recorded;

    3、 Assist the salesman in market research for relevant products;

    4、 Be responsible for the documentation of import and export business, including business accounting, contract making, delivery progress tracking, shipping space booking and customs declaration etc. ;

    5、 Cooperate with finance department in tax refund verificationsettlement of foreign exchange and reconciliation etc. ;

    6 Assist the business manager to complete other related work.


    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, international economy and trade, chemical industry, medicine, English or related major;

    2. Fluent English communication and translation skills; Proficient in daily English e-mail and foreign trade business process. Able to communicate with foreign customers smoothly;

    3. Responsible, active, good at challenges, good team spirit;

    4. Have good professional ethics, be honest and can work independently.

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