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At Royalchem, we're on an exciting path of expansion and evolution, offering our team members ample opportunities to advance professionally. Our commitment to our staff is deep-rooted; we're not just recognizing their potential and ambitions, but actively nurturing their career growth in their chosen fields. We champion open dialogue, valuing each voice as a chance to refine and enhance our workplace.

If you're driven by a shared vision, a zest for innovation, and a desire for challenges, you'll find a home here with us. Join us and discover how your unique talents complement the diversity at Royalchem.

  • Human Resources Training Supervisor:

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the recruitment, onboarding, training, transfer, and offboarding of employees, establishing personnel files, and managing employee records.
    2. Responsible for formulating company position structures, understanding employees' abilities, reasonably arranging internal allocation, reduction, and increase of the company's human resources, and assisting various departments in effectively developing and utilizing manpower to meet the company's business management needs.
    3. Responsible for the company's training work, formulating targeted training plans, organizing and implementing training, inspecting and tracking results, and continuously meeting the company's developmental needs.
    4. Enriching employees' cultural lives, strengthening internal communication among employees, organizing and arranging various beneficial cultural activities, and doing publicity and promotion work across various social media channels.
    5. Organizing company meetings, working with other departments to prepare important activities, and taking meeting minutes.
    6. Responsible for the company's confidentiality work and legal affairs, properly keeping and using the company's important documents, seals, etc.
    7. Familiar with the work of other positions in the HR department, able to substitute other roles when necessary.


    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in HR-related majors, with new media marketing experience preferred.
    2. Fluent English verbal and written communication skills.
    3. Strong logical thinking and communication skills.
    4. Proactive, challenging, able to work independently, and have team spirit.
  • Order follow-up operation:
    Job description
    1. Responsible for import and export business accounting, document preparation, contract drafting, delivery schedule tracking, booking shipment, customs declaration, etc.
    2. Assist sales representatives in completing customer communication and sample arrangement work, including business trips for goods inspection and sampling, and timely feedback and record keeping.
    3. Responsible for effective communication with freight forwarders, factories, and external institutions, keeping up to date with new policies and regulations, and researching and analyzing their impact on related company business.
    4. Cooperate with the finance department for tax rebate verification, foreign exchange settlement, and account reconciliation.
    5. Assist sales representatives and other departments in completing relevant work.


    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, major in international economy and trade or chemical industry, CET-4 or above.
    2. Good communication, execution, and customer service skills.
    3. Proficient in using Office and other office software.
    4. Honest, responsible, proactive, challenging, able to work independently.
  • Business Assistant:

    Job description

    1. Responsible for business contacts with relevant customers, quotation and sample arrangement work; timely feedback and handling.
    2. Assist sales representatives in developing customers through various channels, collecting and organizing customer information.
    3. Assist sales representatives in market research work for products.
    4. Responsible for import and export order documentation including business accounting, contract drafting, delivery schedule tracking, booking shipment, customs declaration, etc.
    5. Cooperate with the finance department for tax rebate verification, foreign exchange settlement, and account reconciliation.
    6. Assist the sales manager in completing other business-related work.


    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above, majored in international economics and trade, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, or related majors.
    2. Fluent verbal and written English communication skills; proficient in daily English correspondence and familiar with foreign trade business processes.
    3. Responsible, proactive, and challenging, with a teamwork spirit.
    4. Good professional ethics, honesty, and ability to work independently.

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