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Established in 2008, Anhui Royal Chemical Co., Ltd has expanded its presence with offices in Hefei, Nanjing, and Shanghai, alongside overseas branches established in 2019. Our rapid growth led to the formation of Nanjing Royal Chemical Co., Ltd in Oct. 2021, enhancing the service capability of the Royalchem group. Adhering to values of "dedicated service, continuous learning, innovative thinking, win-win cooperation, gratitude, and happiness", we aspire to be China's foremost supplier and service provider of import and export chemical products. With 15 years of international market experience and a professional footing in the chemical industry, we have forged close collaborations with numerous multinational chemical corporations.

Our commitment extends to international market and supplier management, offering consultation and research for foreign chemical enterprises in the Chinese market. With over a decade-long partnerships with factories focused on product development, quality, and process improvement, we now provide robust support to help them venture into international markets.

Since the foundation of the company, our focus has been on international marketing of basic chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, dye intermediates, coating and adhesive materials, food additives, and industrial additives, with other specialty chemicals. We are evolving into an international supplier with an extensive marketing network and stable supply channels.



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The most professional supplier and service provider of chemical in China.  Provide high-quality products, good service and competitive price.



  • In Oct 2021
    Nanjing Royal Chemical Co.,Ltd established.
  • In Nov 2019
    Shanghai office set up
  • In Mar 2019
    Royal Spain set up
  • In Jan 2015
    Acquisition of Green chemical Plant
  • In Mar 2011
    Nanjing office set up
  • In Nov 2008
    Royal chemical founded in Hefei
  • In Oct 2021
  • In Nov 2019
  • In Mar 2019
  • In Jan 2015
  • In Mar 2011
  • In Nov 2008

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