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EcoVadis - Silver medal

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Anhui Royal Chemical Co., Ltd. recently passed the social responsibility audit of EcoVadis, an international well-known organization, and won the silver medal for recognition of corporate social responsibility achievements issued by the organization. In the EcoVadis sustainability rating, it got 58 points, an increase of 11 points over last year.

Based on 21 standards, EcoVadis evaluated about 80000 enterprises in 160 countries and across 200 industries from the four fields of "environment", "labor and human rights", "business ethics" and "sustainable procurement". The evaluation results are divided into four levels: platinum (top 1%), "gold (top 5%)," silver (top 25%) "and" copper (top 50%). With the increasing importance of ESG, the evaluation results of EcoVadis are regarded by more and more global enterprises as one of the important criteria for selecting suppliers.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to that an enterprise should not only create profits and bear legal responsibilities to shareholders and employees, but also bear responsibilities to customers, communities and the environment. Corporate social responsibility requires enterprises to go beyond the traditional concept of taking profits as the sole goal, and emphasize paying attention to human value and the environment in the production process consumers and their contribution to society.

In the future, Royalchem will make persistent efforts to promote CSR activities and help solve social problems while striving to be a good enterprise in order to achieve a sustainable society.

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