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Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL) Derived from Chinese Rice

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-07      Origin: Site

Royal Chemical is on a mission to broaden our product array with green and adaptable solutions. Today, we introduce Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL), a natural food additive, to our offerings. Sourced from allied factories in China, GDL originates from local rice, blending tradition with modern science.

Glucono Delta Lactone, essentially a carbohydrate, plays a key role in various fields like food, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. It's crafted by dehydrating gluconic acid during crystallization, an organic acid born from glucose syrup fermentation. Due to their chemical likeness to glucose, both GDL and gluconic acid follow a similar metabolic path, making GDL a favored food additive.

Here's how GDL's gentle acidification upon dissolving shines in different applications:

  1. Bakery: As a leavening acid, GDL excels in gluten-free or low-sodium baked goods, enhancing pore structure and taste.

  2. Meat: Employed as an acidifier in ready-to-eat meats and dry cured sausages, it boosts safety and quality by warding off spoilage bacteria and hastening drying.

  3. Cheese: GDL's slow milk acidification is a trusted choice for varied cheese types, elevating yield, prolonging shelf life, and easing production.

  4. Plant-based: With vegetarian and vegan diets on the rise, GDL now graces plant-based items like silken tofu, vegan cheese alternatives, sauces, and dips, aiding in better texture and flavor.

Additionally, GDL's natural production method, renewable materials, and biodegradability align with our sustainability ethos, offering a phosphate alternative.

We are confident that Glucono Delta Lactone will be a notable addition to our product line. It not only meets the craving for natural and sustainable products but also delivers exceptional functional perks across a range of applications. Our devoted team is at the ready to help you explore the myriad benefits GDL can add to your products.

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