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June Intelligent Learning Month

Views: 36     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-13      Origin: Site

The company's Learning Month event has successfully concluded. The event lasted for a month with the aim of inspiring employees' enthusiasm for proactive learning and improving their understanding and application abilities in AI technology.

During the event, the company organized employees into several groups, and each group chose to focus on several aspects of AI, such as machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing, and more. The employees researched materials, created videos, and engaged in discussions to share their insights and experiences.

On June 30th, each group presented their month-long learning outcomes at an intelligent conference. The presentations they created provided an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the AI technologies they focused on, incorporating both theoretical knowledge and practical application cases. The atmosphere was enthusiastic, and the employees expressed that this learning experience broadened their horizons and provided a more intuitive understanding of AI technology. In the end, everyone participated in the selection process to determine the winning group, which received rewards provided by the company. This not only acknowledged the efforts of the group members in their learning endeavors but also encouraged more employees to actively engage in continuous learning.

This event has provided employees with a fresh perspective on AI technology, enhancing their interest and motivation for learning. The company will continue to enrich the learning content for employees, establish learning platforms, and strive to build a team of AI talents who possess technical expertise, innovation capabilities, and the courage to take on challenges.

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