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Mufu mountain garbage collection socially useful activity on Labor Day

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Protect the ecological environment and build a beautiful home. Environmental protection starts from us! The Royalchem colleagues took the kindergarten little volunteers all the way from the foot of the Mufu mountain to the top of the mountain. During the journey, they picked up the plastic packaging bags, cigarette butts and paper scraps in the woods on the side of the mountain road and put them in the garbage bag. Along the way, there are beautiful mountain flowers, free birds in the sky and the slightly vast Yangtze River. Facing the sun, we feel the deep feelings of nature and smell the uncontrollable vitality of plants. There are signs of rebirth and vigorous power everywhere.

Let's encourage each other: do extraordinary things with an ordinary body, do not forget your roots, do not forget your kindness, have a dream and do not fear the way ahead. May our young generation keep their original heart, keep good roots, respect filial piety, always reflect on themselves, do their best, and become independent and strong. May we all have stars in our eyes and warm light in our hearts.

Happy Labor Day!

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