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Prevent mail fraud

Views: 28     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-05      Origin: Site

For the fraud case of "high imitation mailbox" in foreign trade business, by imitating the email accounts exchanged between enterprise partners, the company issued false emails to defraud enterprise remittances. Our company also has several similar cases. Although there is no loss of money, we also need to remind business partners again and again to polish their eyes and be vigilant.

1.     How was the company's finance cheated?

The email address of the real customer is , and the email sent by the swindler is , the letters' o 'and' I 'are transposed. Or my company email is, and the email sent by the swindler to our customers is, royal is followed by an ' s '.

The swindler "hacked" the mailbox of the victim company and stole the contents of the mailbox. From this, he learned about the capital and business transactions between the injured company and the cooperative unit. After that, the swindler forged a "high imitation mailbox" to request to change the collection account and implement fraud.

2.     Why can swindlers succeed repeatedly?

From the cases that have been solved, the police found that there were hacker technicians among the suspect. Usually, after the swindlers targeted the target (foreign trade enterprises), they would "Lurk" in the internal network of the enterprise for a long time and invade the mailbox of the foreign trade company through number stealing software or a Trojan horse virus.

After consulting and analyzing the contents of relevant transfer and remittance emails, use the stolen information to register the "high simulation email", and then contact it in the name of the overseas cooperative company, and ask the foreign trade enterprise to remit the relevant payment to the account provided by it on the grounds of urging payment, so as to achieve the purpose of defrauding money. This method is very confusing and difficult to find without careful discrimination.

3.     How to prevent it?

①    If you receive an email about the change of the partner's receiving bank and account number on the eve of remittance, please be very vigilant. Remember to carefully check the other party's e-mail address, and confirm it by telephone, fax, video and other ways. Transfer and remittance can be carried out after ensuring that there is no error. Similarly, it is also strong suggested that our customers should carefully identify the important information involved in the content of the letter, and confirm with our company through telephone, fax, video and other ways to ensure that there is no error before transfer and remittance.

②   Do a good job in the daily self-inspection of computers and mailboxes. Regularly update and upgrade the security software to ensure the confidentiality of communication. Regularly check and kill Trojans and viruses, enhance the security factor of e-mail password, and change the password regularly. Pay attention to check whether the functions of e-mail letter classification and automatic forwarding are normal. Do not easily click the mail with unknown origin, or open the link in the suspicious mail, so as to avoid the computer being implanted into the Trojan horse.

③   In case of being cheated, please call the police and contact the remittance bank as soon as possible, issue the remittance cancellation instruction or freeze the relevant funds in time, strive for the golden time to stop the loss and minimize the loss.

Once again, remind all business management personnel of enterprises to pay attention to the protection of network privacy information. For the information sent by communication partners, we must verify the authenticity to avoid falling into a trap and prevent huge losses to the company and individuals.

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