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Psychological knowledge 03 -Aronson effect

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Aronson effect

With the increase of motivation, people's attitude will become more positive, on the contrary, it will become more negative psychological phenomenon. It also means that people like things that show their appreciation, reward and praise, and do not like things that are negative and always criticize people. Actually, it's easy to understand. Who doesn't like to be praised and rewarded?

Compare these two paragraphs:

1. "Recently, your performance has lagged behind, but you have been working hard. If you can continue to maintain and improve, you will certainly improve..."

2. "Recently, you has been working hard and seriously, but your performance is still a little behind..."

Obviously, it is also a negative evaluation, and the latter's turning point of first affirming and then negating will make people uncomfortable.

At the same time, because of the "proximate effect", people will always be more impressed by the last thing. So, no matter what the boss said before, the end is a summary. If you end with a negative attitude, the frustration will be amplified. It is an expression of diminishing compliments that makes people feel frustrated and self-abased. On the contrary, negation and affirmation can make the parties realize their mistakes, see hope and increase confidence.

How to use it

This effect is particularly common in the treatment of children by leaders in the workplace to subordinates, parents and teachers. If you want to encourage and urge others while evaluating others, you should first suppress them and then promote them. After tactfully pointing out the shortcomings, give necessary affirmation and encouragement. The other side can also be more receptive and bring positive results. "Encouraging education" is applicable at any time. Praise is always better than pouring cold water. In the process of treating the other half, more people express their admiration and appreciation for each other, which helps to improve the intimacy. If you want your husband to cook more, you can praise him for his good cooking and his ability to buy vegetables.

encourage education

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