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Psychological knowledge 04-Ben Franklin Effect

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Ben Franklin Effect

It means that people who have helped you are more willing to help you again than people you have helped.

When Franklin was still a congressman, he made a speech in Pennsylvania. At that time, one congressman disagreed with his views and openly criticized and opposed them. Franklin wanted to win the support of the congressman. When he heard that the congressman had a very rare book in his collection, he humbly wrote a letter saying that he wanted to borrow the book. The congressman sent the book without saying a word. Franklin returned it a week later and attached a note to express his gratitude.  Unexpectedly, at the next Congress meeting, the congressman took the initiative to talk to Franklin and established a deep friendship.

How to use it

This effect is often used in life to narrow the distance between people and gain others' favor. If you want someone to like you, ask him to do you a favor and then give positive feedback. However, attention should be paid to the small tasks that are within our power and do not cause resentment. Feel recognized and respected, gain a sense of achievement, and narrow the psychological distance between each other.

This kind of psychology is very strange. Even if people say they don't want to help, they usually choose to continue to help in order to avoid cognitive disharmony or to make a good impression on others. By the same token, when you encounter difficulties, you can give priority to the people who have helped you.

Know how to trouble others, you are more popular instead; mutual trouble, feelings can warm up; trouble others, attitude is very important. We have to believe that all good relationship, are our accumulated character.

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