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Public Welfare in Action

Views: 35     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-09      Origin: Site

 “Yiji Township is located in the southwest edge of Muli County, Muli Tibetan Autonomous County Yiji Township Primary School is located in Yiji Village, Yiji Township, the school was founded in 1972, as of 2022, the school has 16 teachers on staff, 13 full-time teachers, with a bachelor's degree 13, 3 college, 2 senior teachers, 4 first-class teachers, 6 second-class teachers, the total number of students in the school from grade 1 to 4 is 239, and another The total number of preschool students is 174, and the total number of students in the whole township is 413.

The school actively carries out a variety of educational activities inside and outside the classroom. The school's special activities include "Zamunian" band, string band, gourd pith band, "colorful textile" handicraft workshop, etc. Due to the limitation of space, the school's sports activities are relatively simple.


The original six table tennis tables at Yiji Primary School have been in use for more than ten years. Due to the fact that the school chose to purchase cheaper tables that were not durable in order to save money, all of them are now severely damaged and are no longer usable. The school is currently unable to purchase good quality table tennis tables, so in order to enrich the children's after-school life, we have applied to the Beijing Chengying Charity Foundation for five table tennis tables.“

Royalchem always believes that giving back to the society is also giving back to ourselves, and always try our best to do environmental protection and public welfare. Seeing the application of table tennis table procurement project of Yijixiang Primary School in Muli County, Sichuan Province on OFS public number, Boss Pan made a decision without hesitation to let us help to complete this project so that the children can enrich their after-school life and strengthen their bodies. The public welfare is like a ray of sunshine that enters everyone's heart, giving warmth and hope. The public good is not far from us, it is all around us. Let's make 2023 a little warmer.

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