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SEO search engine optimization

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SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a series of optimization technologies and methods that optimize website ranking and display on search engines, in order to increase traffic and brand exposure.

The advantages of SEO include high cost-effectiveness, high-quality traffic, and a long period of advantages. The process of SEO crawling includes crawling, indexing, and presenting results. The crawling stage includes using tools like spider to obtain textual content. The index stage requires attention to key signals, such as relevant keywords and site freshness, and indexing web pages accordingly. The presentation stage is achieved through search algorithm associations with quality, usability and context.

A good user experience and high-quality content is the focus of SEO operation. EEAT is the standard for high-quality web content, which includes Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Core web vitals are important to ensure a good user experience.

SEO settings should focus on keyword accuracy and page hierarchy, readability of URLs, and structured use of Title & Description, Alt tags, and H tags. Persuasive content planning includes clarity, trust, and actionability.

Common SEO tools include Google Search Console, Google Analytics,,, and Meta SEO Inspector.


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