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Glycolic Acid: A New Process And Applications

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Nowadays, more attention is paid to the development of circular economy. A new chemical molecule glycolic acid can be used in many fields. Its appearance is a crystal with the dual properties of alcohol and acid. It decomposes when heated to the boiling point, and can be used for organic synthesis. It has strong cleaning power, low corrosion, degradability and environmental protection.

乙醇酸         乙醇酸

There are many kinds of glycolic acid production technology, mainly chloroacetic acid hydrolysis, formaldehyde cyanide method and so on. The Inner Mongolia  independently developed a new process of coal to glycolic acid, which first extracted syngas from coal to make dimethyl oxalate, and then synthesized methyl glycolate with hydrogen gas, and extracted glycolic acid through hydrolysis. The produced glycolic acid has higher purity, price advantage and will be more competitive in the international market.

This chemical material can be specifically applied to medicine, chemical cleaning, oil and gas, electronics, water systems, skin care, hair care, nail care, leather dyeing and other fields. At present, 70% of glycolic acid is used in industrial cleaning. It is less corrosive to equipment and is a cleaning agent with high efficiency and low cost. It can be used in the cleaning of air conditioning, boiler, power plant transmission pipeline, condenser, heat exchanger and other equipment. It can also be used as degradable materials to prepare implantable sustained-release drug systems, implantable repair instruments, bioabsorbable surgical sutures, artificial bones and organ materials, etc., and has broad development prospects.

At present, the application of glycolic acid in the industrial, medical and beauty industry has been relatively stable. In the future, the global demand for glycolic acid will continue to increase, especially in the field of degradable plastics.

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