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Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB)

CAS NO. 68855-24-3

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Product Name Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB)
CAS NO 68855-24-3
Molecular Formula C6H5-R (R: C14H29~ C30H61)
Structural Formula   Heavy Alkyl Benzene(HAB)
Molecular Weight
Item H1 H2 H3 Customization
Appearance, 25℃ Colorless transparent liquid
Density (20℃), g/cm3 0.855-0.875 0.860-0.880 0.870-0.885
Flash point, (opened), ℃ ≥160 ≥160 ≥200
Kinematic viscosity40℃, mm2/s 5-9 18-25 ≥90
Color (ASTM) ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Freezing point, ℃ ≤-40 ≤-40 ≤-30
Distillation range, ℃ 5% Vm ≥300 ≥310 ≥370
95% Vm ≤350 ≤410 ≤500
Application Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB) serves as a versatile chemical foundation for numerous industrial applications. Primarily used post-sulfonation, it enhances oilfield recovery operations and functions as a critical component in lubricant formulations. Additionally, HAB is utilized in the production of specialized oils, including those for capacitors, transformers, and refrigeration systems. Its role as an organic carrier also underpins various chemical processes.

Our range of HAB products caters to a diverse set of requirements, supporting essential industrial activities. We specialize in tailoring these products to meet precise specifications, delivering solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. Our commitment extends beyond supply; we offer dedicated technical support for our clients.

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