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UV absorber UV-1130

CAS NO. 104810-48-2; 104810-47-1; 25322-68-3
Product Name UV absorber UV-1130
CAS NO. 104810-48-2、104810-47-1、25322-68-3
Molecular Formula -
Structural Formula 104810-47-1104810-48-2
Molecular Weight -
Content β- [3- (2-H-benzotriazol-2-yl) -4-hydroxy-5-t-butylphenyl] -propionic acid polyethylene glycol 300 ester (40% -55%)

β- [3- (2-H-benzotriazol-2-yl) -4-hydroxy-5-t-butylphenyl] -propionic acid polyethylene glycol 300 ester (40% -55%)

Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Volatile ≤0.2%

Solubility (g/100g solution) 20℃

Intersoluble with polar and non-polar organic solvents >50
Density at 20℃ 1.17g/cm3
Application UV-1130 is a liquid UV absorber, mainly used in coatings with blocked amine light stabilizers (such as LS 292), the general dosage is 1.0-3.0%. This product can effectively maintain the gloss of the coating, avoid cracking and fleck, burst and surface peeling. Its products can be used for both organic coatings and water-soluble coatings, such as automotive coatings and industrial coatings.

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