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UV absorber UV-384-2

CAS NO. 127519-17-9
Product Name UV absorber UV-384-2
CAS NO. 127519-17-9
Molecular Formula C27H39N3O3
Structural Formula 127519-17-9
Molecular Weight 451.61
Purity(GC) ≥94%
Dynamic Viscosity at 20℃ 3200 cps
Density at 20℃ 1.0718 g/cm3


Pale yellow liquid
Application The excellent thermal stability and environmental resistance of UV384-2 make UV384-2 especially suitable for coating systems used in extreme conditions, which in turn meet the performance characteristics of UV absorbent requirements for automotive and other industrial coating systems. It absorbs a wide range of UV wavelengths, which makes it effective in protecting light-sensitive coating systems, such as wood and plastic coatings.

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