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Glycolic Acid: A New Process And Applications

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Glycolic acid is a fascinating chemical compound with a wide range of applications. As we focus more on developing a sustainable, circular economy, this molecule is gaining renewed interest.

What is Glycolic Acid?

  • Glycolic acid is a unique substance that has the properties of both an alcohol and an acid.

  • It appears as a crystal and breaks down when heated, making it useful in various chemical processes.

  • This powerful cleaning agent is known for its low corrosiveness, biodegradability, and eco-friendliness.

乙醇酸         乙醇酸

How is Glycolic Acid Made?

There are many kinds of glycolic acid production technology, mainly chloroacetic acid hydrolysis, formaldehyde cyanide method and so on. However, a newer, innovative process developed in Inner Mongolia stands out:

  1. Coal-based syngas is used to create dimethyl oxalate.

  2. Dimethyl oxalate is combined with hydrogen gas.

  3. The resulting compound undergoes hydrolysis to yield high-purity glycolic acid.

The produced glycolic acid has higher purity, price advantage and will be more competitive in the international market.

Where is Glycolic Acid Used?

Glycolic acid has a surprisingly diverse set of applications:

  • Industrial Cleaning: Approximately 70% of glycolic acid is used for its low-corrosion, efficient cleaning abilities in various industries (air conditioning, boilers, power plant pipelines, and more).

  • Medicine: Implantable drug delivery systems, surgical sutures, and even artificial bones can be made with glycolic acid!

  • Beauty: Skincare, haircare, and nail care products often incorporate glycolic acid.

  • Other Fields: Oil and gas operations, electronics, water systems, and even leather dyeing benefit from this chemical.

The Future of Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid already plays a significant role in several sectors. It's particularly exciting to imagine its future in biodegradable plastics, potentially revolutionizing how we handle waste and protect the environment.

Enhance your products with the superior quality of Royalchem's Glycolic Acid, a key ingredient for diverse applications ranging from industrial cleaning to beauty care. Explore Royalchem Glycolic Acid.

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