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Alkyl polyglucosides 0810 / APG 0810

CAS NO. 68515-73-1
Product Name Alkyl polyglucosides 0810 /APG 0810
CAS NO. 68515-73-1
Molecular Formula C16H32O6 
Structural Formula
Molecular Weight 320.22
Appearance colorless, pale yellow or dark brown liquid (adjust as needed)
Canbon No. 8-10
Solid Content ≥70%
Viscosity 20℃ 2000 min

Residual Alcohol

Salt % ≤4.0%
PH Value 11.5-12.5

This product is a kind of green surfactant.It can be used as the main raw materials of daily chemical industry such as shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, washing liquid, hand washing liquid, tableware washing liquid,vegetable and fruit cleaning agent, etc. It is also used in soap powder, phosphate free detergent, phosphate free detergent and other synthetic detergents. In addition, it is widely used in pesticide emulsifier, dispersant, synergist of insecticide and herbicide.

You can call our product manager Maggie Liu, her email is, telephone is 86 13637090723, Thank you very much.

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