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Lauryl glucoside/ APG1214

CAS NO. 110615-47-9

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Product Name Lauryl glucoside /APG 1214
CAS NO. 110615-47-9
Molecular Formula C18H36O6
Structural Formula 110615-47-9
Molecular Weight 348.475
Appearance liquid (adjust as needed)
Canbon No. 12-14
Solid Content ≥50%
APHA Hazen ≤300

Residual Alcohol

Ash  ≤3.0%
PH Value 6-12

Dodecyl glucoside belongs to alkyl glucoside, which is a new type of non-ionic surfactant. It can be used in many aspects such as the main active substance of detergent, various detergents, cosmetic surfactants, pharmaceutical additives, industrial emulsifiers, etc. Dodecyl glucoside has the advantages of no irritation to skin, good compatibility, mild to no irritation to eyes, non-toxic, and good biodegradability. Because of its mild performance, APG1214 has a soft effect on skin and good compatibility, and is suitable for personal care and household washing; The cosmetics such as shampoo, detergent, facial milk and shower gel, and the daily chemical detergents such as transparent soap, detergent and detergent have been recognized by consumers in the field of infant cosmetics.

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