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Dimethyl sulfoxide

CAS NO. 67-68-5

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Product Name Dimethyl sulfoxide/ DMSO
CAS NO. 67-68-5
Molecular Formula C2H6OS
Structural Formula 67-68-5
Molecular Weight 78.13

Dangerous goods transportation number

NA 1993 / PGIII
HS CODE 29309070

It can be used as organic solvent, reaction medium and intermediate of organic synthesis. It is widely used. It has high selective extraction ability and is used as solvent for polymerization and condensation of acrylic resin and polysulfone ester, solvent for polymerization and extraction of polyacrylonitrile and acetic acid fiber, extraction solvent for separation of alkane and aromatic hydrocarbons, extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons and butadiene, spinning of acrylic, solvent for plastics and reaction medium for organic synthesis of dyes, pharmaceuticals and other industries. In medicine, dimethyl sulfoxide has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, and has strong permeability to the skin, so it can dissolve to dissolve certain drugs, so that such drugs can penetrate into the body for therapeutic purposes. This carrier property of dimethyl sulfoxide can also be used as an additive for pesticides. The addition of small amounts of dimethyl sulfoxide to certain pesticides helps the pesticide to penetrate into the plant to improve its efficacy. Dimethyl sulfoxide can also be used as a dyeing solvent for synthetic fibers, a de-staining agent, a dyeing carrier, an absorbent for recovering acetylene and sulfur dioxide, a synthetic fiber modifier, an antifreeze agent, and a capacitor medium, brake fluid, and a rare metal extractant. Also it is used for lithium secondary battery electrolyte solvent.

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