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Propyl propionate

CAS NO. 106-36-5

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Product Name Propyl propionate
CAS NO. 106-36-5
Molecular Formula C6H12O2
Structural Formula 106-36-5
Molecular Weight 116.16

Dangerous goods transportation number

UN 3272 3/PG 2
HS CODE 29155090

Propyl propionate is an organic solvent widely used in chemical, coating, cosmetic and electronic fields. Its low melting point (-76℃), low viscosity (0.68mpa.s, 20℃), high boiling point (122℃~124℃) and high dielectric constant (4.7, 20℃) make it particularly suitable for use as electrolyte solvent for lithium batteries. Generally, the purity of n-propyl propionate as electrolyte solvent is required to reach 99.5 or more, and the higher the requirement, the higher the purity, the higher the oxidation resistance voltage of the prepared lithium battery, which can effectively prevent the battery from overcharging and improve its safety. In addition to the purity requirements, the metal ion content of n-propyl propionate needs to be strictly controlled. The metal ions as impurities will be first embedded in the carbon negative electrode during the charging process, reducing the location where the lithium ions are embedded, thus reducing the reversible capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

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