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Tungsten trioxide

CAS NO. 1314-35-8

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Product Name Tungsten trioxide
CAS NO. 1314-35-8
Molecular Formula WO3
Structural Formula
Molecular Weight 231.84
Content ≥99.95%
Density 2.4-3.0 g/cm3
F.S.S.S. 12-20 μm

Production of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder: Through calcination and reduction processes, tungsten trioxide is used to produce tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, which are essential for the manufacturing of cemented carbide products such as knives and molds. Manufacture of pure tungsten products: Tungsten trioxide is used in the production of pure tungsten products, including tungsten bars, tungsten wires, tungsten electrodes, and shielding materials for counterweights and radiation protection. Colorants for yellow ceramics: Tungsten trioxide is used in small amounts as a colorant in industrial production for yellow ceramics. Anticorrosive paint and coating material in the shipbuilding industry: Tungsten oxide serves as an important component in anticorrosive paints and coatings used in the shipbuilding industry.

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